Asian Culture

wednesday, August 10 | 11:30Am

Chinese Treachery

A Chinese exam veers off-syllabus when Jenkins discovers George's extra curricular activities.


Jake Balfour-Lynn

executive producer:

Marisa Polin


David Wayman, Tom Eykelhof

Fa Boat

The Lantern Festival is the last day of Chinese New Year. The Zhuangs from Chia-Yi are in the building industry. They started practicing Falun Dafa by chance and after a period of time of the cultivation, their health condition got better and better. Their life has entered a completely new aspect. Therefore, they began learning how to make lanterns, and making delicate lanterns during the Lantern festival every year, to present the glory of Falun Dafa. 

director + executive producer: 

Derrick Wu

Light Drifter

Light Drifter is a visual narrative of my dreams realized in a surreal world populated by monsters, birds, fish and magical creatures.


Yu-Ting Cheng

Orchestral Manoeuvres in China

Orchestral Manoeuvres in China tells the extraordinary inside story of classical musicians abroad. Western style orchestras regularly travel the world performing to wide and varied audiences from many cultures. What few of us realize, however, is the extraordinary obstacles and difficulties involved in taking 80 plus classical musicians (and their valuable instruments) across countries and continents. This documentary takes a peek behind the traveling curtain to glimpse the often chaotic scenes as organizers attempt to complete a concert tour of China with the London based Amadeus Orchestra. The musicians and their instruments are pushed to the limits as they attempt to put on the very best professional concerts despite all the vicissitudes that a tour of the Far East can throw at them.


John Schofield


Tom Kane

DIRECTOR + screenwriter: 

Dave Harries


Clive Rose

Wild Cards

A deck of playing cards. A niche art form. 5 guys. A journey to discover and the spread the art of card flourishing.


Gwendolin Mah