About the Festival

In addition to screening the best in recent filmmaking, the festival also hosts live film related events.  Past events included a special screening of John Cassavetes’ 1959 film Shadows, followed by an engaging Q&A with actress Leila Goldoni in 2013. In 2014, a staged reading of Karen Black's work featuring Sean Young, Andrea McArdle, and Gail Brown was a festival highlight. Last year, screenwriter Richard Price gave an unforgettable talk back after the 30th Anniversary Screening of the Color of Money and also spoke about his HBO smash hit series The Night Of.

Chain NYC may be only four years old, but that hasn't stopped countless visitors from singing the festival's praises. "I've participated in numerous film festivals, and the Chain NYC Film Festival stands out as one of the best," says Richard Uhlig, writer-director of the award-winning documentary short, My Kansas. "Not only [is] the selection of films superb, but the staff made a point of getting to know me and really supporting my film. All too often, small films can get lost in the shuffle of a festival. Not at Chain NYC."