A Drag Queen for Kids

Byron Karabatsos

Did the film develop out of the performance being cancelled or was filming planned prior to the issue?

The film developed out of the performance being cancelled.  I didn't know Martha had been invited to perform to kids at an after school program until he was disinvited.  Then, he was invited to perform in Philadelphia, at Christ Church.  That's when I had the idea to make the film.

Can you describe the feeling of capturing a Martha Graham Cracker performance on film?

Dito is a very good friend. I am grateful to him for trusting me to make a documentary about Martha.

What is the hardest part of conveying the impact of a live performance on film, which you did so well here?

Thank you. Editing, for sure. The hardest parts was to find a narrative arc for the film that told a story and conveyed Martha's feelings about and during the performance.

Was Martha Graham Cracker satisfied with her performance?

Yes. At the end of the film, Dito says 'I think that went well.'  Martha wouldn't have been so modest.

Did she get invited back for a second show?

No. But she performs regularly at the Philadelphia Museum of Art to families.