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R for Violence



A loving mother & wife has a secret life as a hitwoman for women who have been sexually assaulted and cannot live their life freely as their attacker lives his.


Fashion Alibi


The Captive Hitman

An ordinary man is forced to become a hitman by a big corporation when they take his wife captive, threatening to kill her. The man is forced to complete the corporation's dirty work by hiding the bodies of their corporate enemies as he slowly loses who he truly is and begins to regret his actions.


Death Trail

A hitman attempts to go on the run after his identity is discovered. He is pitted against old enemies and assassins waiting to take him out.





Puta Libre

Eastern girls trafficking is increasing which endows the presidential campaign of powerful politician Silvio Santoro.

On the way to their honeymoon, an ordinary couple ends up in the heart of Silvio's business, his dangerous thugs and their rival, Pavel, a Russian agent intended to save his sisters from the East...



Three people, who meet at a wayside hotel one stormy night, seem to share both past and future.


Earlier Event: August 15
Web Series & Comedy
Later Event: August 16
The Second Life of Jamie P