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It’s Complicated


Break Up Out Loud

Jenna is about to break up with her boyfriend, so says the narrator. Unfortunately for them, they can both hear the narrator.


Missed Connections

Allegra, a young woman in New York City, believes she's encountered her soulmate when she bumps into a stranger on the street, Steven. After being convinced by her friend Matt to track down this soulmate stranger, Allegra goes on a journey throughout NYC. As she embarks on her quest to reconnect with Steven, she unintentionally gains a sidekick and new friend, Sahana. Together, they journey through the city hell-bent on finding the supposed “one”. This is a story about strangers, “what-ifs”, and the wild adventures that only NYC can offer.


Fuck’s Sake

Dealing with his eccentric Dad, self-obsessed girlfriend and his not so loyal best friend, this has to be the most absurd day of Sean's life.





A Fairy Tale

Marty had always hated the fair, but now he was on his way back to that place he knew deep down he should be avoiding… or should he? 


Say Yes

Julia is in love with her best friend Christian. Christian is in love with the single life. A film about the modern day relationship, being young, stupid and daring to say yes to love.


Coffee and a Donut

A story of a young immigrant who knows no English, and his trials in… ordering breakfast at the local diner.


Earlier Event: August 14
The Thing Before the Thing
Later Event: August 14
The Right to Rest