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A young couple on the way to a romantic holiday without their girls stop to drop things at the grandparents. The grandma asks them to decide who will get the girls in case something happens and threatens the whole trip.



The Turner Exhibit

Growing resentment between brothers Anthony and Alex Turner, one successful and the other struggling, leads to tragic consequences. Over the course of three holiday gatherings, tensions caused by strained family bonds and social inequity boil over into jealousy, deception and betrayal.




When Kyle’s abusive father takes him on his first hunting trip, the pair find themselves in an unexpected situation.




Upon the discovery of his estranged father’s death, a jaded therapist with a severe speech impairment is forced to confront former childhood traumas. The event suddenly unearths a slew of latent emotions which triggers the return of his stutter, drastically affects his behavior and forces him to contemplate the unresolved issues from his past. Along the way, he adopts a fresh and unorthodox method of treatment, which motivates him to interact with his patients in a far more genuine way. Through the intimate portrayal of a brilliant, yet reclusive psychologist with a troubled history, this film explores the paradoxical influence that trauma has on human behavior, as well as the curative powers of therapy, self-acceptance, and forgiveness. 




Inspired by a true story, F.A.M. is a half-hour drama about a black blended family trying to live a normal life in the all-white suburb of Roswell, GA. The story covers the life of Trey, who is trying to balance his relationship with three women: Traci - his ex and the mother of his child, Dara - his new wife, and Olivia - his 15-year-old daughter who is struggling with her sexuality. Trey navigates the challenges of having a child coming out in a subculture of homophobia and co-parenting with a woman hellbent on destroying his marriage.