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Dark Relationships


Someone New

In this modern adaptation of Arthur Schnitzler's classic play "La Ronde", 2 Actors play 10 different New Yorkers tied together in a daisy chain of hookups.




Israel, a young man who grew up under harsh circumstances, is trying to rebuild the memory of his deceased mother with the very furniture his father breaks when he goes on a rampage. The only source of affection in his life comes from Kira, his childhood neighbour and friend, who is also in an abusive relationship. Israel, seeing how Kira is abused, cannot sit on the sidelines anymore and takes action.



Night Song

The girl who was born of rape, searching for answers from her dying mother of who her father was. 



Dinner in Hyde Park

A Chicago writer invites younger versions of himself for dinner, but he is deeply confounded by his ex-girlfriends attendance and the interruption of a marriage proposal.




Manon has no wish to be prudish or to refuse to have a sexual relation with her husband. She just want to desire it. She does not want to be pushed, or forced to do it. Where does matrimonial rape start?


The Devolution of Love

Film explores the current state of love and relationships in the social media/dating application culture where love is reduced to a video game and the bigger/better/different syndrome reigns supreme.



Push Up

Upon a friend's breakup, a couple strives to connect with each other as they face their own impending estrangement.


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